At Coordinated Services, LLC, we make insurance easy.

We are a privately owned local company that has been in business since 1992, providing Employer Group, Individual, Family, and 65+ products. Find out more about our services.


Employer Group Products:

Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, 401K, COBRA

Individual and Family/65+ Products:

Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, Medicare Products

Coordinated Services takes a very personal approach to every client’s needs. We take into consideration the dynamics of the individual or company and their budget. We are not owned by an insurance company so we can freely deliver the information needed to make the best decision possible for our client. We follow that up with ongoing support to make navigating and understanding their insurance package easy.

We represent several reputable and financially stable companies. We also partner with other third party administrators to help deliver excellent service.

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Employer Groups

We realize that business owners have many obligations, so we'd like to make offering employee benefits as uncomplicated as possible. Because we understand that each employer group is unique, we will work with you to develop a package that meets the needs of you and your employees.

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The links below will direct you to information about group plans and forms.

Individuals and Families

We know that you and your family are unique. In order to match you to the correct plans, we would like to know how you utilize your insurance. We will make sure that you can continue to see your current providers by researching the plan networks. Call us today to receive a quote.

The links below will direct you to information about individual plans.

Medicare Products

We offer Med Advantage plans to supplement your part B Medicare. Medicare laws and guidelines can be confusing so let us take the headache out of it. We can guide you through the various plans that include your current providers and prescriptions. Many of the insurance companies also include dental and vision benefits as well as gym memberships.

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